Jim Hedrick built our first home back in the 80's. It was the perfect home and we're still friends today! A lot of construction companies can't say that. When my home was being built Jim didn't know that the shingles were bad. For 7 years whenever there were bad spots that needed to be repaired Jim replaced them at no cost!After that, I requested a new roof and Jim was kind enough to only charge me the price of the shingles. Travis is just like his father Jim, you can trust him. He is my handy-man. He is real honest if he can do a job or not. If he can't he'll recommend someone that can and when he does a job, he does it well. Jim and Travis are as honest as they come. They're hard workers and always do the job right. They are very loyal. Before I retired I was a car salesman. Jim and Travis both bought their car from me. If I were to ever build another house again Hedrick Construction would do it!

Bob & Sue Dykes - Kearney, MO

I was so pleased after Hedrick Construction built my award-winning home, that when my business expanded, I hired them to build my office building. Their construction work is not only award winning, but timely and their service has always been outstanding. They are always just a phone call away. Jim and Travis are honest, reliable and quality men and I am proud to call them my friends.

Doug Walter - Kearney, MO

My husband and I built our first home with Hedrick Construction. They were easy to work with & open to suggestions. They did a wonderful job and were very nice. I would definitely use them again. Every time I see Hedrick Constructing or see their names it makes me smile because they we're so awesome to work with!

Mary McCracken - Lathrop, MO

Hedrick Construction went beyond what I ever would have thought. Anything they can do, they will. They stood behind everything they said and it was a great experience for me. I am very pleased with them and I would recommend Travis & Jim and their quality products to anyone.

Anonymous - Kearney, MO

In 1988 Jim Hedrick built a home that we bought a year later. We didn't buy it from Jim; we bought it from previous owner. One day the shutter was blown off and Jim drove by and saw me trying to fix it. He stopped and said he had one on those and gave it to me. 7 years later we decided to build a home, Jim's bid wasn't the cheapest, but we had confidence in the house he had built before. Start to finish it took about 4-6 months. Jim was very supportive and it was enjoyable to work with Hedrick Construction. Any problems that we came across were addressed immediately. About 2 years ago, we wanted to finish our basement. We got a bid and we're fine with the cost. We knew that Jim was respectful and trustworthy.We are very satisfied with our home and our basement.

Mark & Tracy Williams - Smithville, MO

Hedrick Construction was recommended to us through our architect, Don Miller. After meeting Jim Hedrick and receiving the estimate it was clear Hedrick was the firm we wanted to use. New Mark was adding new construction (8 new licensed beds) and renovated a little of the existing. New Mark is a long-term care facility and requires special considerations for the existing patients and Hedrick meet those needs extremely well. It was also the first construction project I was personally in charge of and Jim was very informative and patient with me. As a matter of fact, we are looking at some changes to another facility and hope Hedrick Construction will be interested in bidding that project also.

Scott Naylor, Exec. V.P., New Mark Care Center - Kansas City, MO

Hedrick Construction is a group of guys that run an honest business. They built my dealership for me and the best thing about them is when they say they'll get something done it's always done on time. Jim Hedrick will sit down with you and go over the plans and if you don't like something he'll change it. Jim is awesome and his quality work shows it.

John & Staci King - Kearney, MO

HedirckConsruction built 5 phases of 50k sq. ft. building. It was on time and under budget. They are always good about coming back if things need corrections and they build a quality building!

Steve McDonald of Westbrook Care Center - Kearney, MO