Our Team

Jim Hedrick - Jim founded Hedrick Construction in 1973. Jim has done work in all aspects of the construction business since the forming of his company. Before that he was around numerous construction projects as his family built several new homes while he was in school. 

Travis Hedrick - Travis is a second generation builder who started his own company in 2004, working as a subcontractor for his father and for other builders in the area. Since then Travis has built homes through Travis Hedrick Const. LLC and has managed projects for Jim in the family business as well.

Tyler Hedrick -  Tyler has been involved in nearly every project Hedrick Const. has done since 2003. He has a background as an electrician and like his brother has been around the construction processes nearly all his life.

Roma Penton -  Roma is Jim’s wife. She has her real estate license with Reece and Nichols Kansas City and does the company’s marketing. She has been involved with Hedrick Const. since 2006 and also helps with plan ideas and decorating.

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Jim Hedrick built our first home back in the 80's. It was the perfect home and we're still friends today! A lot of construction companies can't say that. When my home was being built Jim didn't know that the shingles were bad. For 7 years whenever there were bad spots that needed to be repaired Jim replaced them at no cost! After that, I requested a new roof and Jim was kind enough to only charge me the price of the shingles. Travis is just like his father Jim, you can trust him. He is my handy-man. He is real honest if he can do a job or not. If he can't he'll recommend someone that can and when he does a job, he does it well. Jim and Travis are as honest as they come. They're hard workers and always do the job right. They are very loyal. Before I retired I was a car salesman. Jim and Travis both bought their car from me. If I were to ever build another house again Hedrick Construction would do it! Bob & Sue Dykes Kearney, MO